“Both heartwarming and heartbreaking, this beautiful novel follows Quin Langston, who takes in her best friend’s 3-year-old daughter, Lily, and Lily’s elderly grandmother, Margaret, after her friend unexpectedly passes away. They soon become a family, but Quinn never expects Lily’s biological father–who was just a donor–to show up and become part of the plan.  A unique tale about the amazing ways that love binds us all.”

Woman's World magazine, Review of SHE GETS THAT FROM ME

“Wells (The French War Bride) explores the shifting dynamics of single parenthood in this engaging novel. With its rich character development and deep exploration of issues faced by single parents and fertility issues, Wells’s book will keep readers turning the pages.”

Publishers Weekly (September 2020), Review of SHE GETS THAT FROM ME

“Wells (Still the One) sympathetically and accessibly presents many sides to matters of infertility, grief, and ways families are chosen. This tender story full of warmth and hope.”

Library Journal, Review of SHE GETS THAT FROM ME

“Full of engaging, realistic people, this emotionally charged story will have readers wanting more, even after the epilogue. Gorgeous in every way, this novelty of a novel is one that can’t be put down.”

Booklist, Review of SHE GETS THAT FROM ME
“Vibrant characters and a beautifully detailed storyline combine in this compelling tale spanning generations. The alternating POVs are intricately woven together in this tale of love, loss, forgiveness and renewal. The reader will be totally taken in by Adelaide’s tale and the overall powerful message of this story. As Hope discovers, while it may not always be obvious, everyone makes “ripples … on the waters of the world.”
RT Book Review, Review for THE WEDDING TREE
“A phenomenal love story, STILL THE ONE is a tangled web of lies, fate, and unrequited love. The twists and turns will keep readers glued to the pages until the end. A great read!”, Review for STILL THE ONE
“With sympathetic, memorable characters, a touching story, gentle humor and evocative writing, Wellss latest will please fans who like their contemporaries with a southern flair.”
Library Journal, Review for STILL THE ONE
“In this tale of past emotional turmoil, pain and abandonment, these fully developed characters take us on a journey through remembrance and forgiveness. I fully recommend this novel to anyone who believes love can overcome any obstacle and wrongdoing in the end.”
Night Owl Reviews, Review for STILL THE ONE
“A beautiful book full heartache and love. STILL THE ONE is a great, captivating read.”
A Journey of Books, Review for STILL THE ONE
“If you love romance, this book is for you! I laughed, I cried, and I couldn’t stop reading. I was sad when it ended because I didn’t want it to be over.”
Second Time Around Reviews, Review for STILL THE ONE
“Well written with depth and detail, this is a heartwarming story about forgiveness, romance, betrayal, family drama, reuniting first love, and second chances at love and happiness…A wonderful, heartwarming story.”
My Book Addiction, Review for STILL THE ONE
“STILL THE ONE tackles some difficult family and life issues in an emotionally packed novel as Wells weaves the various story lines together beautifully and lovingly. STILL THE ONE is a beautiful story of true love, and one that I heartily recommend.”, Review for STILL THE ONE
“Wit, charm and a winning cast of characters make Robin Wells’s latest (after Baby, Oh Baby!) an irresistible read.”
Publishers Weekly, Review for OOH, LA LA!
“OOH, LA, LA! lives up to its title as an exciting contemporary romance that enhances the plot with insight into the historical red light district of New Orleans. Robin Wells provides fans with an entertaining novel that is fun to read.”
Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews, Review for OOH, LA LA!