Have Honeymoon, Need Husband

Have Honeymoon, Need Husband

Ateary-eyed bride in a long white getup and veil was on Luke O’Dell’s property—with no husband in sight. Just what he needed: A runaway bride on her honeymoon alone at his Lazy O Dude Ranch. Luke knew only too well what happened when he comforted a sobbing woman, and he was determined there was no way sweet Josie Randall was getting anywhere near his strong shoulders….

Josie’s two-timing groom-not-to-be had done her a huge favor. She’d never even imagined she could love a man so much, until she looked into Luke’s brown eyes and saw forever. But how was a woman to convince six feet, two inches of nonmarrying man that she was the woman he didn’t even know he wanted?

“Look, I didn’t mean to get out of line just now,” Luke mumbled to Josie, whose lips were pink and kiss-swollen, her cheeks brighter than the weather alone could explain. “I don’t exactly know what happened. I guess I just got overly ex…ex…” Oh, crimony, O’Dell—ay anything except excited!” …exuberant.”

Josie’s cheeks flamed.

Luke swallowed painfully and averted his eyes. ” Anyway, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” He settled his Stetson back on his head. “Well, we’d better get going. We”ve got a lot of ground to cover. ”

He stalked toward the pickup, wishing some of that ground would just open up and swallow him now.