Baby, Oh Baby!

Baby, Oh Baby!

This time its all mixed up…

Cynical, jaded, practical-minded attorney Jake Chastaine is still grieving his late wife two years after her death when he discovers that due to a mistake at a fertility center where she received treatment, a woman he’s never met has had his baby. Jake is determined to play a role in his child’s life. He’s chagrined to discover, however, that the mother of his child is as appealing as she is impractical. A gorgeous redhead, Annie is a free spirit who raises llamas, reads tea leaves and believes her dead grandfather talks to her through highway billboards. Worst of all, she makes his body temperature soar in a most illogical manner.

When his law partner and former father-in-law threatens to ruin Annie in a misguided attempt to help him acquire custody of the child, Jake decides that the best way to handle the situation is to enter into a short-term marriage of convenience. They both get far more than they bargained for, and learn a life-changing lesson about the power of love.

Tall, Dark and Daddy

“So,” he asked, “What made you want me?”

Annie shrugged. “You had a good family health history And your educational level and profession indicated that you were somewhat intelligent.” He grinned, and she continued. “…And your physical description fit what I wanted.”

He glanced over at her. “And what, exactly, was that?”

Annie looked down at her hands. “Someone tall, with dark hair and eyes.”

“Why was that part of your criteria?”

Annie continued to stare at her manicure, her cheeks heating a little. She lifted one shoulder. “I don’t know. I guess I just find it attractive.”>

“You wanted a dark-haired child?”

“Oh,that wasn’t really the issue,” she admitted.

He glanced at her curiously. “So what was?”

Annie lifted her shoulders and glanced away. “Fantasy, I suppose.”


She nodded, and he pressed her further. “You mean the sexual kind?”

She blushed fiercely. “You’re getting into a pretty personal topic here.”

“The fact that we’ve had a child together is already pretty personal, if you ask me.”

The man was right. The thought that they’d made a child, and without him ever having kissed her….it was enough to make Annie break into a sweat. There was something intensely primal about him anyway, despite his outward polish. Why did he have to be so good-looking? It was impossible to look at him and not think about sex.